How to Combine Imagery with Exercise to Release Stress

Exercise increases endorphins in your system, making you feel terrific. It also helps you forget problems as you focus on moving your body. For a while after exercising, you’re on a high. It’s clear you get great benefits from working out, but you could receive an even larger payback from your efforts.

Every day, minor inconveniences add weight to the stress you accumulate. Unless you let go of anxiety as soon as it arises, it lingers in your psyche or shifts into your body. Physical movement and visualization can help you get rid of it and feel better. Combining imagery with exercise will erase stress, leaving you in better mental and physical shape.

Before you begin

Create the intention to exercise away stress before you start your routine. Doing so will program your brain, sending it the message to release negative energy. Spend a few moments taking deep breaths and thinking about how pressure from the day is about to disappear.

You are going to focus on your body and images in your head rather than the environment. As you won’t pay much attention to what’s going on around you, don’t jog along a busy road. Stay safe and exercise in quiet surroundings where it’s okay to concentrate on what you’re doing.

Release stress

At the start of your exercise routine, connect with the ground. Notice the weight of your body, and how it feels when any part of you touches the floor. Imagine the anxiety you’ve stored as a gray cloud moving down your spine and legs, seeping into the ground. See it get clearer as unwanted energy drains away. You will notice your body grow light as stress dissipates.

Increase positive energy

Now increase uplifting energy. Exercising makes you breathe faster, so take advantage of the air you’re pulling into your body. Each time you inhale, imagine you’re breathing in positive golden energy. Picture it flowing into your body. At first, see it traveling to your belly with your breath and then entering your lungs. At the end of each inhalation, see the glowing light arriving at the area between your eyes.

After a few minutes, imagine the energy spreading out across your body, allowing it to reach every part of you. Each time you inhale, envision the energy becoming brighter until it sparkles.

Wind down

At the end of your exercise regime, engage in a few light stretches to help you wind down. Picture the positive energy in your body sending golden rays around you, like an aura. With closed eyes, imagine bathing in light.

Make the most of exercise by combining it with imagery to release stress. Send anxiety out of your body, and create positive energy. As a result, you’ll supercharge feel-good hormones and let go of tension.